Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone launch day

Today started early (4am to be exact) for what has become an annual ritual of getting up and heading over to the local Apple store for the new iPhone launch.  Without trying to turn this into an Apple fanzine, I will say that the new iPhone is a significant advancement over the last iPhone and I'm very happy with it.  In addition, the folks at the Apple Ardmore store helped make the 3 hour(ish) wait in line very peaceful and pleasant plus there was coffee, water, and food.

The lines though were the longest I've seen at an iPhone launch.  The lines were so long that when the local Starbucks opened, they had a line to get in too.   

Here's the line for Starbucks before it opened (half the people ran to the bathroom).

Here are the lines outside for folks with a reserved iPhone:

Here's the line if you didn't have a reservation:

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  1. Now that's just craziness! Why not just wait a week when there's no line???? :)